Physicians from Hospital Clinic, IDIBAPS and CAPSBE, awarded with the CoMB Professional Excellence Award 2016

Yesterday the Professional Excellence Prizes 2016 were awarded by the Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona (CoMB) to physicians in recognition to their career. In the present edition, six professionals working at Hospital Clínic, IDIBAPS and CAPSBE have been awarded.

The award went to Drs. Josep Lluís Aguilar, from the Hematology Department; Joan Caballeria, from the Hepatology Department at Hospital Clínic; Josefina Castro, Director of the Institute Clínic of Neurosciences and head of the IDIBAPS group Child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology; Lluís Donoso, Director of the Clínic Center of Diagnostic Imaging; Susana Puig, Head of the Dermatology Department and head of the IDIBAPS team Melanoma: imaging, genetics and immunology; and Ethel Sequeira, Primary Care specialist at CAPSBE Casanova. Dr. Manuel Sarró, who was general surgeon at Hospital Clínic, was also awarded.

In the institutional event, presented by the journalist Montse Jené, participated Jaume Padrós, president of the CoMB; Elvira Bisbe, vice-president of the CoMB, and Gustavo Tolchinksy, secretary of the CoMB. Miquel Bruguera, former director of the CoMB and director of the Academic Studies Unit, gave the lecture "Antoni de Gimbernat (1734-1816), great teacher of the surgery of the eighteenth century".

The awards to Professional Excellence are granted annually by the CoMB since 2004 in recognition of colleagues to those doctors who have excelled in their career “based on excellence, commitment, honesty, unselfishness and integrity in the field of hospital medicine, primary care, public and mental health, social care, biomedical research, medical education or medical humanities”.

Image: From left to right: first row, Drs. Aguilar, Caballeria and Castro; second row, Drs. Donoso, Puig and Sequeira.