Reprotrain trains a new generation of researchers in Male Reproductive Biology and Andrology

Reprotrain (Reproductive Biology Early Research Training) aims to provide the key elements to train and update the new generation of researchers with the skills to solve increasingly prevalent problems relating to Male Reproductive Biology and Andrology. It is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission, recently awarded to Dr. Rafael Oliva, MD PhD, scientific researcher at the IDIBAPS , consultor at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and teacher of human genetics at the University of Barcelona.

Reprotrain mapThis scientific network is composed of 7 strong academic research groups and 2 pharmaceutical companies from 6 different European countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Spain. The network started on January 1st 2012 and will end on December 31st 2015. Right now it is offering 10 PhD positions and 4 Post-Doc positions within the network in European laboratories.

The decline in sperm counts and concomitant increase in testicular cancer demands research in this field as an urgent priority. Spermatogenesis is the essential physiological process for male gamete production. It also provides an ideal paradigm model system to study cellular development and differentiation, both necessary for an understanding of dysfunction.

The network integrates a research environment involving complementary frontier “omic” approaches in male reproductive biology. For the first time it is done with the aim of identifying novel human fertility genes and the gene networks that are deregulated in the infertile and malignant testis.

Reprotrain strives to deliver a high standard of multidisciplinary network-wide training to 10 Early Stage Researchers (PhD students) and 4 Experienced Researchers (Postdoctoral Fellows) who will perform studies in genetics and epigenetics, molecular male reproductive medicine, molecular and structural biology and biotechnology. This learning environment will be implemented with hands-on training in cutting-edge technologies relevant to current molecular-genetic and medical research together with a Personnel Career Development Plan and complementary transferable skills.

For further information:

Reprotrain Kick-off Meeting (Barcelona, March 17th)