Researchers from IDIBAPS and Hospital Clínic awarded for the best communication on basic Gastroenterology at the SEPD Congress

A study conducted by researchers from IDIBAPS and Hospital Clinic of Barcelona has received the Arias Vallejo prize for the best communication in Basic Gastroenterology presented at the LXXIV Annual Congress of the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology (SEPD). This prize is awarded by the Digestive System Spanish Foundation (FEAD). Sergi Guixé-Muntet and Dr. Jordi Gracia-Sancho, researchers at the Liver hemodynamics and portal hypertension IDIBAPS team, are the first and last authors, respectively. Doctors Sergi Vila, Carmen Peralta, Juan Carlos Garcia-Pagan and Jaume Bosch have also participated in the study entitled "Role of autophagy in endothelial hepatic ischemia and reperfusion".

The authors have studied a new cellular mechanism by which the liver microcirculation remains unprotected against the damage caused by the ischemia and reperfusion process that occurs in situations of liver transplantation, liver surgery and acute hemorrhage. The study describes the defective activation of autophagy, a process to degrade cellular components, in the liver endothelium during ischemia and reperfusion, which is accompanied by a lack of cell viability and liver dysfunction. The use of simvastatin, by reactivating this autophagic process, would increase the levels of the protective transcription factor KLF2, keeping the circulatory protection and protecting those livers suffering ischemia and reperfusion syndrome. The authors propose the use of simvastatin before surgery to improve patient post-operative state.

The awards of the Digestive System Spanish Foundation (FEAD) to the best communications in Gastroenterology are given annually as part of the Digestive Disease Week (SED), the scientific forum where the latest innovations and advances in the field are presented, held this year in Seville on 13-15 June. With these awards, the FEAD encourages, supports and recognizes the quality research in digestive diseases.

In addition to the prize won by the team from IDIBAPS and Hospital Clinic of Barcelona on Basic Gastroenterology, it has also been awarded the Díaz-Rubio Award for the best communication on Clinical Gastroenterology to the study "Management of lactose intolerance among primary care physicians and its correlation with the management by gastrointestinal specialists: SEPD-SEMG national survey". The first author of this study is Dr. Federico Argüelles Arias from the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena, Seville.