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Researchers identify a key protein in pancreatic cancer development

Researchers from the IDIBAPS and the University of Barcelona (UB) have described an interaction between the protein HNRNPA2B1 and pancreatic cancer development which remained unknown. The study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, has proved in human cancer cell lines that this protein is essential to the correct activity of the oncogenic protein KRAS, related to cancer start and development. The interaction between HNRNPA2B1 and the protein codified by the gene KRAS is a potential therapeutic target against pancreatic cancer, one of the tumours with a worse prognosis. The study was conducted by Neus Agell, professor at the Department of Cell Biology, Immunology and Neurosciences of the Faculty of Medicine of UB, who leads the Cellular compartments and signaling team at IDIBAPS. The first author of the study is Carles Barceló, PhD Student at the former UB Department.