Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) signs Strategic Alliance with Hospital Clínic of Barcelona

Telemedicine Clinic announces the Strategic Alliance with Hospital Clínic, one of the top 10 hospitals in terms of publications in Europe, and amongst the top 25 in the world. Hospital Clínic and TMC’s international customers will be connected via TMC’s Teleradiology platform.

Barcelona, 24th May 2012. The Strategic Alliance initially focuses on the area of Clinical Trials of Hepato Cellular Carcinoma and is open to expand into other areas of specialised diagnostics. Hospital Clinic has a broad team of expert radiologists working on advanced research projects in different fields, who will now be connected to Telemedicine Clinic’s (TMC) teleradiology network. TMC’s international clients in the area of Clinical Trials will therefore gain access to the specialist radiologist competence of Hospital Clinic. TMC thereby facilitates the export of services of high value added to international markets in the area of diagnostic imaging. The project is a positive contribution to the national sector of health care at this critical moment.

As an institution Hospital Clinic is interested in the technological platform and workflow of Telemedicine Clinic; the collaboration with TMC will enable Hospital Clinic to expand its specialised research competences in its offer of services in Clinical Trials on an international level.

Dr Lluís Donoso Bach, Head of Diagnostic Imaging at Hospital Clinic:

“We trust Telemedicine Clinic. It is an international company of excellent reputation and very efficient workflow, which is very important for both clinical work and research. You receive the correct information at exactly the right time and to my knowledge Telemedicine Clinic has one of the most robust workflow platforms worldwide.”

Alexander Böhmcker, CEO at Telemedicine Clinic:

“We are happy to work in a partnership with Hospital Clinic as it is one of the leading University Teaching Hospitals in Europe and worldwide. The mutual benefit will be in creating an even broader international network for Clinical Trials and in other diagnostic areas. We are evaluating the possibility of expanding this collaboration into other areas such as prostate cancer, cardiac radiology imaging and the implementation of a Teleradiology reporting platform in Catalunyna.”

Centre for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic (CDIC)

The Centre for Diagnostic Imaging Clinic (CDIC) is responsible for carrying out studies within the areas of Radiography and Nuclear Medicine for patients coming from Hospital Clinic as well as for patients from other public or private centres. Studies are not only morphological; they also include functional studies, both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Telemedicine Clinic (TMC)

Telemedicine Clinic, a leader in European Teleradiology and founded in 2002, is based in Barcelona and has offices in London and Sydney. Today TMC has a network of approximately 70 radiologists reporting for around 100 hospitals in Scandinavia, the UK and Spain. Telemedicine Clinic provides hospitals with the benefit of working in a secure, efficient technology platform specifically designed for the needs of distributed diagnostics.