The book Sketching Diabetes IDIBAPS arrives to the Public Libraries of Catalonia

Last April the book Sketching Diabetis IDIBAPS, an original initiative of scientific disclosure made by the IDIBAPS through Astra Zeneca Chair in Diabetes Innovation, was released. Now, the book comes to the society through the donation of 50 copies to the Public Libraries of Catalonia.

The aim of this publication is to raise awareness of the importance of research and innovation to advance in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications. The pages of the book reflect the areas of research in which IDIBAPS researchers are involved, which were explained to the 45 Sketchers who participated in the workshop held in the institution: epigenetics or the impact of environment on risk genes for diabetes; cellular reprogramming for obtaining beta-cells (insulin producers) to be used in transplantation; the development of vaccines for preventing the disease; how to protect cells from environmental attack; how inflammation injures endothelial cells in arteries, leading to vascular complications of diabetes; and how a healthier lifestyle can help prevent and control the disease.

Now, with the objective that this initiative, in which art and science meet, reaches the greatest number of people, IDIBAPS has donated 50 copies of the book to the Public Library Service of Catalonia. These copies are already available in the main Catalan public libraries.

Sketching on Diabetes IDIBAPS

Released by IDIBAPS and Zahorí de Ideas with the support of the AstraZeneca Foundation, the book features the drawings of Cristina Curto as well as those created during a sketching workshop open to the public, which was held at IDIBAPS laboratories on November 7, 2015. Afterwards, on November 14 (World Diabetes Day and as part of the Science Week), an exhibit opened at Centre Cívic Urgell, displaying drawings from the workshop and photographs of the event. The book has been published in three languages under a Creative Commons license. Help us spread the word!

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Image: Cristina Curto