The genetic advances in Diabetes focus of a new IDIBAPS Seminar

Dr. Valeriya Lyssenko shared recently with us the latest advancements in the study of diabetes led by her team at Lund University (Sweden). The IDIBAPS Seminar, that took place last Monday October 17th with the collaboration of Acció Sardà Farriol for Diabetes Research, was entitled: “Genetic architecture of diabetes: the present and the future”. This seminar opens a new course of lectures.

Dr. Lyssenko is a Ukrainian investigator involved for many years in a leading research group in Diabetes genomics at the University of Lund. Her participation in GWAS studies has been published in first line magazines such as Cell Metabolism, Nature Genetics, Nature or Science. Her work has become a bridge between Europe and the United Stated to facilitate communication and cooperation between teams overseas.

During the presentation she unveiled the main genes responsible for the risk to suffer Diabetes, especially type 2 Diabetes. It is a complex polygenic disease, but recent studies are offering a detailed picture of the genetic alterations that play a role in the function of beta-pancreatic cells.

Her visit reinforced the links between her research and the work made by IDIBAPS, through the participation in an international consortium. Dr. Anna Novials, from the IDIBAPS team Diabetes: metabolic and molecular networks, invited her to visit the CEK Building facilities, including the Biobank. The new database, based on BCGene technology, is compatible with other international data resources and thus a good tool for international collaboration.