The Hospital Clínic’s home hospitalization unit increases from 48 to 60 beds and becomes the largest service in Catalonia

The Transversal Home Hospitalization Unit (HDOM) recently expanded its number of beds from 48 to 60, which represents a 20% increase in its activity. The HDOM is made up of a multidisciplinary team that reports to the Medical Management and serves all the Hospital’s institutes and healthcare areas, and also other centres in its area of influence (Barcelona Esquerra). 

There are currently 5 healthcare teams spread out over 5 parts of Barcelona Esquerra

The HDOM works to ensure patients have comprehensive care, to help them recover as well as possible by providing medical and nursing services in the patient's own home. Its activity has been growing in recent years, being especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, over 2,000 patients were cared for in this facility, with a high degree of satisfaction.   

With the incorporation of Plató last January, as a new site for the Hospital Clínic, the HDOM’s provision of care has further expanded.  Moreover, the Home Hospitalization in Mental Health service has also been extended, with care for adolescents being provided since last June (Home Hospitalization for Child and Adolescent Mental Health), with the capacity to treat 11 patients. It too has received a very positive response.   

Since 18 October, with the incorporation of a new team, the provision of care offered by the Transversal Unit has increased from 48 to 60 patients. Thus, there are currently 5 healthcare teams spread out over 5 parts of Barcelona Esquerra, with 3 being located at the Villarroel site and 2 at the Plató site.  

According to Dr. Jordi Altés, Adjunct Medical Director and responsible for the Transversal Home Hospitalization Unit, “the Home Hospitalization team ensures the comprehensive management of the patient in the latter's home, making sure the treatment and follow-up are personalized and can be carried out with the maximum quality and safety."