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The latest technologies of optical microscopy allow a new approach to molecular biology

Three consecutive papers in Nature Protocols, EMBO Journal and Molecular Biology of the Cell position the IDIBAPS group Proliferation and cell signaling as a reference in the application of new advanced (Laurdan and confocal with two photons laser) and super- resolution (STED and TIRFM) optical microscopy techniques. The super-resolution microscopy, now available in very few leading centers like the National Center for Cardiovascular Research in Madrid or the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, allows observations at the molecular level of cellular processes in vivo. The researchers of this team, with Dr. Carles Enrich and Dr. Carles Rentero from the Department of Cell Biology, Immunology and Neuroscience, of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, in the lead, assure that these technologies will help to rewrite important chapters in cell biology and to understand the molecular basis of many diseases.