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Graduated in Medicine at University of Barcelona (UB) in 2003. In 2008 he obtained a specialty in Medical Oncology, in 2013 he obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently the Director Institut of Oncology at Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) at the UB and Head of the Translational Genomics and Targeted Therapeutics in Solid Tumors Lab at IDIBAPS. Furthermore, he is the Head of the Breast Cancer programme at IOB- Quiron salud as well as CEO and co-founder of the spin-off called Reveal Genomics, where has been developed the HER2DX® diagnostic test just recognized by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2022.

Featured publications

Featured Projects

  • RESCUER: Resistance Under Combinatorial Treatment in ER+ and ER- Breast Cancer.

    Principal investigator: Aleix Prat Aparicio, Antoni Hurtado Rodríguez
    Funder: European Commission
    Code: H2020-SC1-BHC-02-2019 / 847912-2
    Duration: 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2024
  • Adoptive cell therapy using CD3+/PD1+ tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with advanced breast cancer

    Principal investigator: Aleix Prat Aparicio
    Funder: Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer
    Code: GCAEC19010PRAT
    Duration: 01/12/2019 - 30/11/2024
  • Caracterización de los linfocitos T CD8+/PD1+ en cáncer de mama avanzado receptor hormonal-positivo con un fenotipo agresivo HER2-enriched.

    Principal investigator: Aleix Prat Aparicio
    Funder: Merck Farma y Química, S.L
    Code: 19-IO-011
    Duration: 01/07/2019 - 30/06/2021
  • Targeting the HER2-enriched phenotype in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer  

    Principal investigator: Aleix Prat Aparicio
    Funder: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
    Code: INT_BCN_Catalyst_18
    Duration: 01/03/2019 - 28/02/2023
  • Prospective exploratory study for determination of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood samples from patients treated for breast cancer in follow-up and without evidence of relapse (B-CRONOS).

    Principal investigator: Aleix Prat Aparicio
    Funder: Fundación Quirón Salud
    Code: FQuironSalud_Mama18
    Duration: 11/02/2019 - 10/02/2022