Líneas de investigación

  • Integrative epigenomic characterization of normal and neoplastic B cells

    We characterize samples of B cell tumors and normal B cells at different maturation stages through a multi-omics perspective, including DNA methylation, chromatin accessibiity, various histone modifications, 3D genome structure and transcriptome as well as genetic changes. All these information layers are integrated using state-of-the-art computational tools, with the final goal of detecting the key elements leading to gene deregulation in B cell tumors

  • Study the origin and evolution of intraclonal heterogeneity in B cell tumors through single cell technologies

    In collaboration with the single cell genomics group at the CNAG sequencing center in Barcelona, we are studying the transcriptome, epigenome and genome dynamics of B cell tumors at the single cell resolution.

  • Functional analysis of deregulated transcriptional networks in lymphoid neoplasms

    The analysis of the data generated through the multi-omics profiling strategies is leading to the identification of important regulatory elements and transcription factors underlying disease pathogenesis. Using gene editing technologies, we perform downstream studies to evaluate the functional impact of the identified regulatory elements and transcription factors as well as to decipher their potential role as therapeutic targets.

  • Decipher the clinical impact of epigenomics in lymphoid neoplasms

    Analyzing our epigenomic data in the context of the clinical behavior of the patients, we apply machine learning methods to identify epigenetic biomarkers with high diagnostic and prognostic value in B cell tumors.