From 1 to 2 ofDecember 2022

International Symposium “Lipid Signaling and Oxidative Stress in Pathology"

Auditorium. CSIC Delegation in Catalonia. C/ Egipcíaques, 15, Barcelona

The IDIBAPS Mitochondrial Regulation of Cell Death and Steatohepatitis group is organizing an International Symposium on cell signaling by lipids and its impact on oxidative stress and human pathology to be held on 1-2 December at the CSIC Delegation in Catalonia. 

The program includes the participation of internationally recognized researchers such as Neil Kaplowitz (University of Southern California, USA) Myles Cabot (East Carolina University, USA) and Wen-Xing Din (University of Kansas Medical Center, USA) who will give keynote lectures on the impact of oxidative stress and lipid signaling on the development of metabolic and liver diseases.

Registration for the symposium is free of charge. Attendance is limited, but it will be possible to follow the symposium online by registering through this link.

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