Thursday, September 15 2022. From 15:00 h to 16:30 h

ToolBox, IDIBAPS Talk Series: Effectively Managing Your Time and Integrating Your Roles as a Researcher

Marie Skłodowska Curie room, Centre Ester Koplowitz. Rosselló 149-153, 08036 Barcelona. C/ Rosselló 149-153, 08036 Barcelona

IDIBAPS organizes a new session of Toolbox, IDIBAPS Talks Series, a series of talks that addresses issues of general interest to the research community.

On Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 15h, will take place the session 'Effectively Managing Your Time and Integrating Your Roles as a Researcher’ that will feature Sašo Kočevar, founder and director at hfp consulting, a company specialized in professional and personal development for scientists, with a particular focus on life sciences and biomedical research. After the session, IDIBAPS researchers who request it, will have the opportunity to meet with the expert.

The speaker has trained and coached biomedical researchers and clinicians from diverse backgrounds during the last seven-teen years. He has support them to develop their skill set in order to master professional challenges and progress their careers. He has shaped and facilitated numerous collaborations and workshops at renowned international institutions in the United States of America, Europe and Middle East.

The seminar will be interactive, for all kind of researchers who need to integrate a multitude of diverse roles in their daily activity, when leading their groups, managing their work or themselves. The objective is to learn how to use effectively and efficiently the available time while maintaining a healthy work-life-integration.

This activity is open to people from inside and outside the institution. It is a hybrid event, it will be possible to participate directly in the Marie Skłodowska Curie Room of the Esther Koplowitz Center or via Zoom. To access digitally it is necessary to register in advance to receive a personal connection link, there is time until the same day to do so.

The activity is promoted by the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) of the institution.

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