Monday, March 4 2024. From 15:00h to 16:00h

Toolbox IDIBAPS Talk Series: Prediction is better than cure: how explainable AI can improve healthcare

Esteve Auditorium, Center Esther Koplowitz. C/ Rosselló 149-153, 08036 Barcelona.

On Monday, March 4th, 2024, at 15h, will take place the session Prediction is better than cure: how explainable AI can improve healthcare by Paula Petrone, Head of the Biomedical Data Science team at ISGlobal, specializing in machine learning for chronic and infectious disease screening and digital health applications.

With a Physics degree from Balseiro Institute, her background includes a PhD at Stanford, pharmaceutical roles at Roche and Novartis, and a postdoc at the Barcelona Brain Research Center focusing on Alzheimer’s prediction through brain image processing. Beyond research, she is a digital health startup consultant, mentor and activist promoting ethics and diversity in STEM. She organizes every year the Women in Data Science Barcelona Biomedicine Event.

This new session discusses the potential of machine learning techniques to enhance diagnostic capabilities in healthcare, particularly in non-invasive screening methods such as ultrasound and microscopy, which often encounter challenges like noise and lack of specificity. Paula Petrone’s teamwork focuses on developing practical clinical tools for conditions like sepsis, meningitis, malaria, depression, and aging. Prioritizing transparency and bias identification in tool development by employing explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms like SHAP, LIME, and GradCAM. Through examples, they demonstrate how deep learning models, applied to medical images, augment clinicians' expertise, leading to improved diagnosis. Additionally, they explore the transformative impact of foundational models like ChatGPT4 on future healthcare, highlighting both limitations and opportunities of these emerging technologies.

This activity is open to people from inside and outside the institution. It is a hybrid event; it will be possible to participate directly in the Esteve Auditorium of Esther Koplowitz Centre or via Zoom. To access digitally it is necessary to register in advance to receive a personal connection link, there is time until the same day to do so.

After the session and by previous request, the members of the IDIBAPS community can participate in a meeting with the expert.

The activity is organized with the support of the Fundación Española por la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This is also promoted by the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) of the institution.

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