Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) is an illness that has no symptoms; in fact, half the people in the world with high blood pressure do not know they have it. For this reason, the main way to detect hypertension is to measure the blood pressure regularly, at least once a year.

Hypertension is the main risk factor for developing different cardiovascular problems such as, infarction, stroke, or heart failure. In Spain, around 30% of the population has high blood pressure, and one third does not know it, and only half the people with high blood pressure are well-controlled. To increase the number of people that have blood pressure measured is one of the simplest and effective solutions to detect hypertension and thus, prevent the most serious cardiovascular risks associated with it.

World Hypertension Day will be held on 17 May 2019 with the slogan “A measurement that saves lives”. Its aim is to make the population aware of the importance of measuring the blood pressure. On the occasion of this day, from the PortalCLÍNIC, Dr. Miquel Camafort will answer any doubts about hypertension to users: how to measure it (blood pressure), its risks, or how to prevent it. If you have any doubts, you can send them filling in the following questionnaire. The responses will be given on the 17th May through Instagram.

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