Having a stroke means that a blood vessel that carries blood to the brain has been broken or blocked. When this happens, the blood does not reach a certain area of the brain, so that the affected nerve cells do not receive oxygen and die. Hence the importance of acting with maximum speed.

Stroke explained in first person

Professionals and patients explain how you live with the disease
Up to 80% of the risk of a stroke may be prevented with health life habits, such as following a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, to avoid obesity and toxic habits.
It's a complicated disease. You can take months ... years ... to recover, but you go ahead. It is important to lean on the medical team and the people around you. And over all, don't give up.

Substantiated information by:

Antonia Fernández
Arturo Renú Jornet
Xabier Urra Nuin
Ángel Chamorro Sanchez

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 8 August 2018


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