The Amics del Clínic program improves hospital humanization at the various headquarters of the Hospital Clínic. Thanks to the hours donated by people like you, we help many patients to feel more comfortable during their stay in our hospital. Join our commitment to patients and society, become a volunteer.

Our volunteers

Appointment of Montserrat Aguilera, volunteer
"The patients feel accompanied. MY BEST reward is to see how the patients get ahead".

How can you volunteer?

Support and accessibility

Help out by offering support at information points, external consultations, main entrances, and other places where you may be needed.

Hospital support

Accompany patients who are lonely or who need support during their hospital stay.


If the patients do not have family support, bring them from their homes to the hospital to carry out diagnostic tests (with sedation) and outpatient operations.

We take care of the caregiver

Actions are taken to empower caregivers and offer them special rest times.

Volunteer browser

Bringing patients from outside Barcelona to the tests prior to their transplant interventions.

Baby-sitting service

Accompany people or families who, due to different circumstances, cannot participate in all the aspects of their babies' lives and agree to a baby-stiing service if they are unable to be present.

Testimonial service

Volunteers who share experiences, with regard to diseases or treatments, with other patients.

Volunteering in figures