Appointment of Francisco Lozano, Group leader (R4)
The constant battle between pathogens and cancer cells against the host’s defences reveals how the immune system functions

Current research


The malfunctioning of the immune system is a factor in a wide number of incurable diseases such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, and certain serious infection processes, which pose a huge challenge for public health. The development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies to treat these diseases requires a precise knowledge of the immune receptors that regulate innate and adaptive immune responses.


We aim to identify and understand the function of the molecules that regulate immune responses in health and disease. We particularly focus on the molecular interactions involved in the intercommunication and coordination of immune cells during physiological and pathological processes. This approach will allow the development of new approaches and biological tools (recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies) for the treatment of immune-mediated disorders (e.g., systemic autoimmune and infectious diseases, graft rejection, allergy, or cancer).


We aim to develop novel therapeutic strategies, disseminate our results in high-impact international journals and transfer the knowledge generated to biomedical companies. Over the last 5 years, we have published over 50 research papers, created a new spin-off company, and filed 2 patents.