Appointment of Hugo López-Pelayo, Interim Junior Group Leader (Interim-R3B)
Research is a journey towards knowledge, of oneself and one’s environment. It allows us to go one step further. It requires effort and that we surround ourselves with good travelling companions

Current research


Most citizens consume drugs (alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, cocaine), often without being aware of them. The drug business (legal and illegal) causes a few to enrich themselves, many suffer directly or indirectly and we all end up paying the related high social and health costs.

The research of this group, therefore, develops within a broad framework, ranging from the molecular mechanisms of addiction to the study of socioeconomic costs or causes of stigmatisation suffered by people with addiction.


The group tries to understand why a person goes from consuming drugs to an addiction, what role the family and society play and how they can be part of the recovery. It does this by promoting quality assistance based on scientific evidence, which includes a broad perspective: psychological, social and medical. New technologies are a reality today’s lifestyle and, therefore, they are also an essential part of our day-to-day endeavours.


The group will provide new preventive measures that will allow fewer people to consume drugs. Should some still decide to do so, may it be a decision taken in freedom, in a well-informed manner and with the least possible damage and, therefore, cost to the person and society.

It has developed standardised units of measurement, such as the Standard Beverage Unit or the Standard Cannabis Unit, which allow it to study the risks of consumption on health. Thus, it will obtain useful treatments that allow the person to have more control over their life, their decisions and their health. It wants to have tools allowing more people to be treated and to achieve their own goals.

The priority is to eliminate stigma.