Appointment of Antoni Torres, Group leader (R4)
Research matters to us because you matter to us: we conduct research in order to improve clinical care

Current research


The group focuses its research on the causes, diseased tissue, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory infections in the community and in intensive care, and especially in patients receiving mechanical ventilation.


The group’s approach is completely translational: it studies respiratory infections based on cell and molecular responses to obtain clinical results, which include pig models.

The group has coordinated and taken part in international guidelines and clinical trials with EMBARC  (the European Bronchiectasis Registry). It has also conducted systematic reviews and meta-analyses to improve the evidence-based medical knowledge of respiratory diseases.


The group has described measures for preventing nosocomial pneumonia and criteria for admitting patients with community-acquired pneumonia to the intensive care unit (ICU) that have been universally adopted.

Furthermore, the research conducted has made it possible to put into practice new therapeutic approaches using advanced genetic bioengineering techniques, in collaboration with the Centre for Genomic Regulation (GRC).