Services and fees

Image acquisition

Magnetic resonance image acquisition in human and small animal. Among the image modalities provided by the facility, we can highlight:

  • Anatomical imaging
  • Diffusion imaging for microstructural and/or brain connectivity network analysis.
  • Resting-state and task-based functional imaging to identify patterns of cerebral activity.
  • Perfusion imaging to characterized blood flow in tissues.
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, which allows for metabolite quantification.
  • Angiography to visualize the vasculature.
  • Relaxometry maps (T1 and T2)
  • Susceptibility weighted images (SWI)
  • 3D cine cardiac imaging to characterize cardiac function.

Magnetic resonance imaging in tissue samples, including:

  • High-resolution anatomical imaging.
  • Diffusion imaging for microstructure analysis and visualization.

Image processing and analysis. The image laboratory provides image analysis applying different techniques, including both standard methodologies and specific algorithms developed to fit the project requirements. Among the provided analysis, we can highlight:

  • Volumetric analysis: volumes of regions of interest, cortical thickness, etc..
  • Metabolite quantification
  • Anatomical and/or functional brain connectivity analysis.
  • Identification of brain networks associated to specific tasks.
  • Quantification of blood perfusion in the tissues.
  • 3D shape analysis for anatomical structures.
  • Radiomics, artificial intelligence based analysis.