Services and fees

Advice services

Short-term advice services on methodology and statistics issue, such as:

  • Statistical design of a study
  • Calculating sample size
  • Advice on gathering information for analysis
  • Methodological and statistical assessment of research projects


Any project requiring more dedication than that specified in the 'One-off Consultancy' section will be provided subject to the acceptance of prior quotation and calendar.

Some examples of projects:

  • Creation and maintenance of a database for clinical trials:
    • Development of eCRD (electronic data collection book for data entry via web)
    • Creation and consensus of Data Management and Validation Plans with the research team
    • Data export to analysis systems with traceability
  • Statistical analysis of a clinical trial or other projects:
    • Creation of and consensus regarding the most appropriate statistical analysis plan according to the data type and aim of study
    • Preparation of the most appropriate statistical programming according to aim of study, with emphasis on the traceability of results
    • Creation of a statistical report, collaborating in the drafting/supervision of articles on studies

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Prior appointments

Consultancy work will be in person, further to prior completion of the appointment reservation form [file: Form(CAT).docx]

To facilitate consultancy dynamics, we recommend that you provide documentation on the proposal to be discussed, for example articles, similar projects, protocols and/or summary of the study, etc. This point is especially crucial for new designs and predeterminations of the size of the sample.

NOTE: We recommend that you make your reservation sufficiently in advance, since the service is subject to the availability of resources at all times.



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