Dr. Markus Stoffel talks about the role of microRNAs as metabolic stress regulators in an IDIBAPS Seminar

Micro RNAs were on the study focus during the November 25th IDIBAPS Seminar, offerd by Dr. Markus Stoffel, from the Institute of Molecular Health Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zürich). This researcher explained how microRNAs play a key role not only in diabetes but also in the embryogenesis of the pancreas. Dr. Anna Novials presented the speaker and debated with him the emerging role of microRNAs.

The talk summarized the recent works of the speaker, and was centered in three microRNAs. When inhibited, miR-375 affects beta cell proliferation and compensation. When overexpressed, miR-200 induces beta cell apoptosis and miR-7 stimulate beta cell differentiation and insulin secretion. These molecules have a significant influence in the apparition of diabetes and its progression.

The researches presented by Dr. Markus Stoffel included experimental models as well as human samples. In the last years he has published several works in the Nature magazine, underlining the importance of microRNAs. His last work in Nature defines a critical role for deregulated expression of miR-802 in the development of obesity-associated impairment of glucose metabolism.

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