Dr. Sabela Lens receives the Rising Star award for her professional career

Dr. Sabela Lens, who was a winner of the 2020 Rising Star Award of the Spanish Society of Digestive Disease (SEPD), was given the United European Gastroenterology Rising Stars 2021 award. These awards are given to young specialists in the digestive apparatus and are in acknowledgement of their professional careers. The prizes are awarded based on the value of the work presented and the experience shown in scientific research and publication.

Dr. Sabela Lens won the award for the study “Impact of age on the HVB-specific humoral immune response”, which explains the function of B cells in controlling infection by the hepatitis B virus.

The UEG awards are given to 10 young investigators from 48 national societies all over Europe, with the intention of promoting their professional career. The award is an international recognition of the professional career of Dr. Lens, who is currently on sabbatical at University College London with the project “Study of the dysfunction of the intrahepatic and peripheral adaptive immune response in different stages of chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus”