Eduard Vieta, conferred and honorary doctorate by the University of Valencia (UV)

Dr. Eduard Vieta, head of the Psychiatry and Psychology Department at Hospital Clínic and head of the IDIBAPS research group Biological bases of psychiatric disorders and nuclear psychiatry, received on June 17th an honorary doctorate by the University of Valencia (UV), in a solemn session in the Auditorium of the educational institution. The session was attended by the secretaries from the Generalitat Valenciana Josep Joan Vidal (Education) and Ricardo Campos (Public Health), as well as a broad representation of the university community.

Professor Rafael Tabares-Seisdedos, from the UV, read the discourse of eulogy (laudation) to Dr. Vieta, after which the Chancellor, Dr. Esteban Morcillo, gave him the items symbolizing his new academic degree. In the speech ("lectio") of the new honorary doctor, Dr. Vieta recalled his links with UV and gave his vision of the future of psychiatry: "The new psychiatry will have to focus on prevention. There is evidence to think that some aspects of our current lifestyle predispose us to suffer mental disorders. Along with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, depressive disorders and anxiety proliferate at an alarming rate and it is estimated that  will be the leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020".

Dr. Eduard Vieta has a degree in Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and holds a PhD in Medicine and Surgery with honors from the University of Barcelona. He is also Professor of Psychiatry and Psychobiology at the University of Barcelona, and scientific deputy director of the Networked Center for Biomedical Research in Mental Health (CIBERSAM), in which also coordinates the research program in bipolar disorder. He has been visiting professor at Harvard University (USA) and advisor to the European Presidency in Neuroscience research. He is member of the editorial board of several scientific journals and has published more than 600 scientific articles and 32 books. Dr. Vieta is among the most cited researchers in the biomedical field in a list of the most important names in science published by the international agency Thomson Reuters. Throughout his career he has received numerous awards, including the international prize Aristotle (2005), the Mogens Schou Award for his scientific career (2007), the prize of the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry to the strategic research (2009), the prize of the Medical Science Academy of Catalonia and the Balearics to the professional excellence (2011), the Colvin prize from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (2012) and the prize of the Lilly Neuroscience Basic Research Award (2014) for his own personal and his research tema contribution in the psychopharmacology field.

Among the most important contributions of Dr. Vieta in bipolar disorder are the identification of neurocognitive dysfunction and its treatment, proving the efficacy of psychoeducation in this disease, and the clinical development of new pharmacological treatments.