IDIBAPS continues to grow with the CELLEX Biomedical Research Centre

The CELLEX Biomedical Research Center has been presented, a new space where professionals from the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) will continue to develop their full potential. The new center has five floors equipped for last generation biomedical research located in the south wing of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona (Casanova, 143). During the presentation the facilities were visited by the Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), Andreu Mas-Colell, the Minister of Health of the Catalan Government, Boi Ruiz, the director of the UB Dídac Ramirez, the president of the private foundation CELLEX, Pere Mir, and the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Transfer of UB, Jordi Alberch, accompanied by the Director of IDIBAPS, Ramon Gomis, and other authorities. The inauguration ended with an academic session.

Whatch too the institutional video for the center presentation.

The renovation and adaptation of new areas is mainly the result of a donation of nearly nine million euros from the Cellex Foundation to the University of Barcelona, which offers to IDIBAPS four floors with laboratories for biomedical research. Part of the donation, 810,000 euros, was invested in equipping laboratories. To this amount IDIBAPS added around one million euros to complete the purchase of scientific equipment. Part of the contribution of the IDIBAPS has been financed with FEDER funds from the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) and the rest comes from a specific call for Health Research Institutes accredited by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

Thanks to the collaboration between the public and private sectors 5,150 m2 of laboratories, scientific and technological services and other spaces have been reformed and equipped in five floors located at the south wing of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.

IDIBAPS is a pioneering research center associated with the Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC-IIBB), and is a member of the Institució CERCA (Research Centres of Catalonia) of the Government of Catalonia. With over 900 original articles published in first level international journals in 2011, and an annual budget around 20 million, IDIBAPS is one of the most productive biomedical research centers in Catalonia and Spain. It also tops the ranking of the eighteen Health Research Institutes accredited by Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Spain.

The new facilities of IDIBAPS, known as CELLEX Biomedical Research Center, will home over 200 researchers from 23 different research groups. It is a space equipped with the latest technology and comforts, and it respects the original external centenary architecture of the UB School of Medicine. It will accommodate teams from all the IDIBAPS research areas, such as: oncology, cardiology, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases, nephrology and urology.

The CELLEX Foundation, an organization with ten years of history, supports scientific research, mainly in Catalonia, and helps promote scientific talent. It is currently funding 27 projects which mean up to 55 million euros. This fact makes it a major patron of Catalan research. The new CELLEX Biomedical Research Centre strengthens the international competitiveness of the IDIBAPS at a difficult time for research in Europe and the world. A stronger Institute increases the chances to accessing national and international research funding to keep on developing innovative services for citizens.