IDIBAPS held the first Forum of Diabetes and Sports

On October 1st, about forty patients with type 1 diabetes participated in the First Forum of Diabetes and Sports, organized by the Unit of Diabetes and Exercise at IDIBAPS, under the direction of Dr. Anna Novials.

During the forum Mr. Serafin Murillo and Dr. Laura Brugnara, members of the same Unit, presented the results of the clinical studies that have been conducted thanks to the participation of the patients who attended. Two renowned athletes also participated,  Mr. Miguel Tovar, participant at the Diabetes Triathlon Tour  Challenge 2015, and Mr. Israel Planas, professional Snow and Wakeboard rider.

The interventions of the speakers encouraged the exchange of personal experiences and views among all the participants about the relationship between sport and control of diabetes.

The forum was a great success of participation and will be useful to develop new actions and research projects related to this issue.