IDIBAPS participates in the ambitious Human Brain Project

The Human Brain Project, with a budget over 1 billion euros for the next 10 years and primarily funded by the European Commission FET Flagship Programme, aims to explore the human brain with the dual aim of applying new knowledge in the fight against diseases of this organ and developing new technologies for supercomputing. To achieve these challenges, the project will create a European network that will simulate a human brain and explore its results.

IDIBAPS is one of the involved centers, through the team led by Dr. Maria Victoria Sanchez-Vives, ICREA professor and head of the Systems Neurobiology IDIBAPS team. The contribution of this group will provide data on the physiology of the neural networks of the cerebral cortex and integrate them in a theoretical brain model. On the other hand, they will contribute to the generation of virtual environments and robots that will test the digital brain.

The results of the Human Brain Project will be applied to the development of computer technology, modeling and supercomputing necessary to simulate and understand the human brain, to emulate the interactions that occur at different levels and determine cognition and behavior, and to develop tools to diagnose and treat neurological diseases, promote new technologies with low energy computer artificial intelligence and new generations of intelligent robots.

The project is led by Professor Henry Markram, from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland), and involved up to 10 Catalan researchers at the Pompeu Fabra University, The University of Barcelona, the IRB or the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The Human Brain Project consortium includes centers from 22 countries, most of them European but also Switzerland, USA, Japan and China. When the project works at its full capacity, it will employ about 550 researchers.