Sílvia Beà, winner of the CIBERONC “Award for Best Female Researcher”

Beà, a researcher of the IDIBAPS group Molecular pathology in lymphoid neoplasms, has authored 119 articles, 30 of them as the principal author, with more than 10,000 citations.

Sílvia Beà is part of the IDIBAPS research group Molecular pathology in lymphoid neoplasms

The Cancer CIBER (CIBERONC) held its 5th annual meeting on 11 and 12 February this year, in an online format due to the pandemic. During the meeting, the career of the researchers Sílvia Beà (CIBERONC 2021 Best Female Researcher) and Pedro Berraondo (Best Young Lead Researcher) were acknowledge with awards, while a study whose last co-author was Núria Malats was awarded the prize for Most Collaborative Article of 2020.

Sílvia Beà, Doctor in Biology and CIBERONC researcher in the IDIBAPS Molecular pathology in lymphoid neoplasms group, directed by Elías Campo, was awarded the Prize for Best Female Researcher for her career focusing on the study of genetic abnormalities of different cancers of mature B cells, with a clear translational side, looking to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and biomarkers that predict the response to different therapies.

As the author of 119 articles (30 as the principal author) with more than 10,000 citations, she has identified the profiles of genetic abnormalities in different types of B cell lymphomas, especially mantle cell lymphoma, and has identified new genetic mechanisms for activating oncogenes. She is also noted for her active participation in the International Cancer Genome Consortium, where she coordinates genetic studies.

Sílvia Beà said that she was “very grateful to CIBERONC for the recognition of a 24-year scientific career and I think that the initiative to acknowledge female researchers every year is very positive and increases our visibility".

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