The Visual Pathway Laboratory opens its doors in the International Brain Awareness Week

The IDIBAPS - Hospital Clínic Neuroimmunology team opens again the doors of the Visual Pathway Laboratory to celebrate the International Brain Awareness Week, which will last until March 20. A total of 23 students from the school Liceu Francès, divided into small groups, have enjoyed an introduction to the world of the brain and its relation to the visual pathway. Elena Fraga, manager of the research lab headed by Dr. Pablo Villoslada, has explained to students the new technologies applicable in neurology, both in research and in medical care.

Students were able to see on their own how does Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) work. Some of them were control subjects during the activity and discovered how easy it is to access the retina through this test. Visitors showed great interest in seeing the high quality images provided by the machine. They were surprised to see the insides of their eyes so immediately.

The OCT is a cutting edge technology that allows noninvasive exploration of the retina and the optic nerve. It provides high resolution images of the surface of the retina and its inner layers in real time. With some image treatment of the recorded information it allows to build three-dimensional images of the retina. This test is useful in neuroimmunology for detecting neurodegenerative disorders prematurely and following diagnosed patients.