Three spin-offs of Hospital Clinic selected at the First Healthcare Investment Forum Barcelona

The Official Medical College of Barcelona, Keiretsu Forum Barcelona and Barcelona Activa organized last November 4, 2009 the 1st Healthcare Investment Forum Barcelona'09, in collaboration with Biocat and other institutions. The objective of this forum was to contact young entrepreneurs in the health sector with projects in biotechnology, medical devices, health services and information technology with venture capital investors interested in this sector.

This first edition of the Forum was a success. Over 35 companies presented their projects, of which 12 were finally selected. Three of the finalists were submitted by Hospital Clinic:

Transmural Biotech. Led by Dr. Eduard Gratacós (Fetal Medicine) and Ivan Amat (Bioengineering) aims to develop medical technology solutions in the field of fetal medicine and therapy.

Immunovative Developments. Led by Dr. Francisco Lozano, this spin-off is dedicated to the development of new biological therapies in the field of sepsis and inflammatory diseases with immunological basis.

Bionure. Led by Dr. Pablo Villoslada, it aims to develop innovative therapy for multiple sclerosis.