Líneas de investigación

  • 1. Lung development and ageing as key pathogenic determinants of adulthood respiratory diseases

    We aim to understand the biological mechanisms (endotypes) underlying the different respiratory diseases (phenotypes) from a life-long perspective (Agusti, Faner, Lancet RM 2019). Diseases of interest include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung diseases and lung cancer. The main general hypothesis here is that all these diseases are the end-result of a series of life-long dynamic interactions between the environment and the genetic (and epigenetic) background of the individual, which regulate lung development, maintenance and repair. In this setting, we are leading a European Multicenter Initiative (CADSET) than involves more than 30 research groups in Europe. To this end, we leverage from the use of advanced biostatistical methodology in cooperation with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

  • 2. Early lung cancer (LC) diagnosis

    LC is highly prevalent and deadly. Yet, it can be cured if diagnosed early. To improve early LC diagnosis we are currently:

    • Developing an electronic nose (e-nose) using artificial intelligence to diagnose LC in exhaled gas
    • Implementing a population-based LC screening program enriched by the addition of potential biomarkers to better define the population to screen