• Bioreactor for cell co-culture

    Inventors: Jordi Gràcia, Carmen Peralta, Rosa Villa, Javier Illa, Maria Massip, Jaime Bosch

    Priority number: EP14157145

    Priority date: 28/02/2014

    PCT number: PCT/EP2015/054683

    PCT submission date: 05/03/2015

    Patent publication code: WO2015128510 A8

    Patent publication date: 03/09/2015


  • Preservation and transport of an ex vivo biological sample comprising ultrasound application

    Inventors: Carmen Peralta

    Priority number: EP14382548

    Priority date: 19/12/2014

    PCT number: PCT/EP2015/080688

    PCT submission date: 18/12/2015

    Patent publication code: WO2016097390

    Patent publication date: 23/06/2016

    Owner(s): IDIBAPS

  • Logo de Transplant Biomedicals

    Transplant Biomedicals

    Transplant Biomedicals is a European company based in Barcelona aimed at developing novel medical strategies to improve organ, tissue and cellular preservation to overall enhance patients´ wellness.

    Transplant Biomedicals is developing a new organ transport device available for hospital use. The device uses a revolutionary technology leading to superior preservation of the organs during transport from the donor hospital to the transplant center.

    Our high quality and convenient product aims to become the global gold standard for transplant centers by reducing the risk of delayed graft function, improving graft survival and as such leading to better patient outcomes. In addition, our product has the potential to use part of the marginal organs that are currently discarded and thus reduce the waiting lists. [3D conceptual model]