Líneas de investigación

  • MRI and genetic markers of multiple sclerosis long-term progression

    Observational study to explore the biology of progression in multiple sclerosis using genetic approaches coupled with neuroimage-based tissue phenotyping.

  • Cognitive rehabilitation and brain plasticity in multiple sclerosis

    A randomized controlled clinical study: Study to evaluate the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis that present attention and working memory deficits. The study will provide data on the network changes underlying the cognitive impairment and plasticity mechanisms induced by the rehabilitation program.

  • Structural connectivity in multiple sclerosis

    Multicentric study within MAGNIMS group. This project is designed to provide high quality information on the changes in structural connectivity in Multiple Sclerosis along the disease and their consequences through a multicenter approach. It could help to identify reliable markers for the classification of disease phenotypes and valuable information on adaptation and collapse of brain networks.