Líneas de investigación

  • 1. Cortical network dynamics

    Neuronal and connectivity properties determining the emergent activity generated by neuronal networks. Aspects of spontaneous rhythmic neural activity: its regulating mechanisms, the information it encodes, and the consequences of this activity upon the network

  • 2. Brain states

    How is the activity that underlies different brain states, how are the transitions across them and whether we can exogenously induce them.

  • 3. Neurotechnology

    We explore new forms to interface the brain, to maintain a dialogue with it by means of recording and stimulation. Currently we are exploring the use of arrays of graphene microtransistors to this end.

  • 4. Virtual embodiment

    Our brain needs a body that is its interface with the world. Our body can be virtual, and still we can induce 'ownership' over it. We explore how this process occurs and how it can be useful to study the brain and also to repair it.