Bullying risk factors

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No single factor puts a child at risk of being bullied or bullying others, but some characteristics have been identified which increase the risk of being involved in a bullying situation.

Risk factors for being bullied

Boy with glasses

Ser percibido como diferente del resto de los compañeros. Por ejemplo: tener sobrepeso o ser muy delgado, llevar gafas o ser nuevo en la escuela.

Scared trembling person

Being perceived as weak or unable to defend themselves.

A child who is separated from the group

Being less popular than others and having few friends.

A group of people in which one is screaming

Not getting along well with others, being annoying or provoking.

Risk factors for bullying others

One teenager hitting another

Being aggressive or easily frustrated.

A concerned person with a house in the background

Having issues at home.

A sad person who thinks in other people

Thinking badly of others.

Crossed out notebook

Having difficulty following rules.

Group of people in which one is shouting at someone

Having friends who bully others.

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Astrid Morer Liñan

Published: 3 October 2019
Updated: 3 October 2019


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