Traveller’s Thrombosis symptoms

Reading time: 1 min

The typical symptoms of deep vein thrombosis are:  

Swollen leg


Legs with pain symbols

Pain in the affected leg.   

Occasionally, pulmonary embolism may be a complication. This is a serious, potentially fatal complication and requires urgent action.

The following symptoms may appear in this case:  

Person holding hands to neck, sweating, pale, unable to breathe, feeling short of breath, short of breath, choking or breathlessness

Difficulty breathing.   

Heart and electrocardiogram, heart palpitations

Fast heartbeat.   

A person who has just fainted or lost consciousness.

Dizziness or loss of consciousness.  

If you experience any of these symptoms after a long journey, you are advised to urgently go to a healthcare centre to rule out the possibility of thrombosis.   


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