Living with Graves’ Disease

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In general, people with hyperthyroidism have a good quality of life, with no particular limitations in terms of diet, exercise, work or sexual activity. The recommendations on toxic habits are similar to those of the general population: quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol. In the case of thyroid ophthalmopathy, stopping smoking is particularly important.  

If a patient is pregnant or wishes to become pregnant, it is important that they inform their endocrinologist to decide on the best treatment for their hyperthyroidism. In the case of hyperthyroidism, it is preferable to postpone pregnancy until the situation has been resolved. Iodine ablative treatment contraindicates pregnancy for about 6-12 months after the procedure due to the risk of foetal malformation. Pregnancy is also not recommended before the thyroid function has stabilised. 

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Published: 11 June 2021
Updated: 11 June 2021

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