Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

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The symptoms of hypothyroidism are very non-specific. Diagnosis is made, in addition to symptoms, by means of a physical examination and analytical tests.  

The symptoms depend on the degree of metabolic decline and include: 

Woman sweating with fatigue

Tiredness, fatigue, sluggishness. 

Mujer con sensación de frío

Sensation of coldness. 

Two faces with different moods

A gloomy mood. 

Mujer tocándose la cabeza y con un interrogante. Alteración de la memoria.

Memory impairment. 

Woman getting out of bed with unrefreshing sleep


Scale with an arrow pointing upwards indicating a weight increase

Slight weight gain. 

Mujer con la cara pálida. Palidez


Face with dry skin

Dry skin. 

Mujer que se le cae el pelo. Caída del cabello.

Hair loss. 

Mujer con caída de la parte distal de las cejas.

Loss of the distal part of the eyebrows. 

Person with muscle weakness in pelvis and legs

Muscle aches. 

Compresa con una gota de sangre y flechas. Alteración del ritmo menstrual

Irregular menstruation or increased bleeding. 

The symptoms and their intensity vary depending on the patient and the severity of the hypothyroidism. 

In some cases, hypothyroidism may be asymptomatic and diagnosed by chance in a routine blood test.  

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Felicia Alexandra Hanzu
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Published: 18 June 2021
Updated: 18 June 2021

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