Preventing Rickettsiosis

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There is no vaccine available to prevent rickettsial infections.   

Antibiotics are not recommended as a preventative measure, nor as treatment in asymptomatic patients.   

The following preventative measures are advised:   


Minimise exposure to ticks, fleas, lice, mites and animal reservoirs (especially dogs) when travelling to endemic areas.   


Avoid tick bites by using repellents. Repellents for use in tropical areas must have a label validating their suitability for these conditions, and should be used in accordance with the instructions. Repellents containing 30-50% DEET or an equivalent (icaridin >20%, IR3535>30% or PMD>30%) should be used for ticks, and you should wear clothes that cover as much of the body as possible. 

Long-sleeved clothes and closed shoes or travel clothes

Use protective clothing: long sleeves, closed shoes, socks.   

Special magnifying glass for freckles

Examine yourself following exposure to risk (safaris, excursions and/or camping). If you find a tick, remove it from your skin with tweezers. Pull it perpendicularly from close to the skin to prevent the transmission of bacteria.  

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