Symptoms of Tuberculosis

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Person with persistent cough

Tuberculosis mostly affects the lungs, with the most common symptom being a cough which lasts for over 2 weeks.

Cough with expectoration or sputum

The cough is commonly accompanied by expectoration, that is, sputum production. These sputa may be blood-stained or consist primarily of blood.

Tired woman, sweating

It is common for the person to feel tired.

Thermometer with a danger signal indicating fever

Fever, usually not very high.

Night sweats

Night sweats.

Scale with a down arrow indicating a weight loss

Weight loss. 

Person holding hand to chest, with chest pain or chest pain

There is often inflammation in the pleural space, which is the layer of tissue that covers the lungs and lines the inner wall of the chest. Fluid accumulates in this space and this manifests itself in the form of pain on the right or left side of the chest, which increases with breathing and coughing.

The symptoms will vary depending on the organs affected. 

The second most common location for tuberculosis symptoms is the lymph nodes. In this case the symptoms are:

Woman with a bulge on her neck. Goiter

One or more lumps in the neck that increase in size over days or weeks. They may eventually burst on the skin to release a white, pus-like material.

Substantiated information by:

Alberto García-Basteiro
Jose Antonio Martinez Martinez

Published: 1 February 2023
Updated: 1 February 2023

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