Causes and Risk Factors of Uterine Fibroids

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Their exact cause is unknown. They are tumours that originate in the uterine smooth muscle and are a mixture of smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts.

They are primarily hormone-dependent tumours related to oestrogen, progesterone and progesterone receptors (β and ą isoforms) which, compared to the surrounding myometrium, express elevated levels of type A and B progesterone receptors involved in cell proliferation and growth of the myoma.

The main risk factors associated with fibroids are:

  • age (40-60 years).
  • origin (they predominate in women of African origin).
  • genetic.
  • late menopause.
  • early menarche.
  • prolonged and early use of contraceptives.
  • obesity and consumption of red meat, alcohol and caffeine.

On the other hand, pregnancy, consumption of fruit and vegetables, low fat intake and smoking act as protective factors.

Some genetic mutations, such as that encoding MED12, the mediator complex subunit 12 gene, have been found to be present in most uterine fibroids.

There is no specific prevention.

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