Preventing Yellow Fever

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Correct vaccination

Vaccine. There is a live attenuated virus vaccine that is very effective in preventing yellow fever. Just one dose is enough to confer lifelong immunity and protection, and a booster dose is only needed in some cases. 

The vaccine is safe, and the majority of side effects are mild. However, in people with immune disorders or elderly people over 60, a greater risk of presenting serious or potentially fatal side effects has been observed. For this reason, in these cases the risks and benefits of administering the vaccine should be assessed on an individual basis.  

The vaccine is obligatory for entering certain countries, and it is only administered at Vaccination Centres authorised by the World Health Organisation. Travellers who have received the vaccine are given the International Vaccination Certificate, which may be requested when processing visas, or when entering certain countries. If the vaccine is medically contraindicated, an Exemption Certificate will be issued.  

Other prevention measures include preventing mosquito bites by: 


Using insect repellent (labelled and validated for this). Those that contain between 20% and 50% DEET are recommended for tropical zones. Equally effective are icaridin (>20%), IR3535 (>30%) and PMD (>30%). If you are also using sun protection, it should be applied before the repellent. 

Long-sleeved clothes and closed shoes or travel clothes

Wearing long-sleeved, light-coloured clothing made from linen or cotton.

Bed covered by a mosquito net

Using a mosquito net or air conditioning when sleeping.  

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