Strategic plan 2016-2020 (NUCLI)

The Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is the NUCLI, the Nou Univers Clínic (New Clínic Universe), a participatory roadmap that aims to achieve the continuous improvement of the Hospital, promoting what works well and focusing efforts on things that might need to be improved. The main aim is to humanize the hospital, to focus on the patients, who are the hospital’s raison d’être, and the professionals, who are its driving force. The aim is to listen, participate, to be more efficient and implement the hospital’s values. These are the key elements required for caring for patients and, as professionals, looking after ourselves too. 

The 3 pillars of NUCLI


A total of 16 projects have been developed that promote patient participation and empowerment, innovation in services and the promotion of integrated and coordinated care.


This is made up of 14 projects that develop the corporate values and ethical leadership. They focus on achieving a healthy hospital for professionals and on implementing the most suitable tools and processes for professional development.


A total of 13 projects are being carried out in order to be more efficient and sustainable, to consolidate research and teaching and form alliances and partnerships.

NUCLI in figures

CLÍNIC Connection

The documentary series that explains who we are, what we do and, above all, how we do it.

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The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, supportive, sustainable and healthy

The Hospital Clínic looks after people, is transparent in everything it does and respects its environment. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, and various NUCLI projects, it promotes and consolidates actions focused on solidarity and sustainability, and ensures it looks after and promotes the health of both its patients and its professionals.  The Friends of the Clínic programme has over 160 volunteers who devote over 24,000 hours to helping patients.

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Strategic plan 2016-2020 (NUCLI) framework document

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Newspaper 2 years of NUCLI

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‘From Values to Best Practices’ Guide

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