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The arthroscopy unit staff are members of scientific societies and actively participate as speakers and lecturers in national and international courses and conferences. They have led various lines of research applied to patient treatment thanks to research grants they have been awarded, as well as publishing in leading international scientific journals in this speciality.  

The main lines of research that have been carried out are:  

  • Preservation and repair of the knee meniscus. In certain injuries it is possible to repair meniscus injuries rather than remove them, with the consequent medium and long-term sequelae.
  • Use of dermal allografts from the Blood and Tissue Bank to treat rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder.
  • Transplantation of osteocartilaginous allografts for knee cartilage injuries. Cartilage injuries are a serious problem as regeneration is not possible, causing serious consequences, especially in young patients.
  • Arthroscopic latissimus dorsi transposition for irreparable shoulder rotator cuff injuries.
  • Capsular distension in adhesive shoulder capsulitis. "Frozen" shoulder involves long periods of stiffness and subsequent recovery, but with this treatment these periods are considerably improved.
  • Treatment of tennis elbow (epicondylitis) by arthroscopy vs. autologous biological treatments.  

Several doctoral theses have also been written in conjunction with the University of Barcelona (all with an excellent Cum Laude qualification) focusing on:

  • The study of the anterolateral ligament of the knee in instability.
  • Return to sporting activity after anterior cruciate ligament injury in the knee.
  • Pie-crust technique applied to the internal lateral ligament in knee arthroscopy.

Substantiated information by:

Sergi Sastre

Published: 25 July 2022
Updated: 25 July 2022


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