What will I feel during Dialysis?

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In the case of haemodialysis the patient can be feel a light, temporary pain when the arteriovenous fistula is punctured, as well as dizziness – in patients whose blood pressure decreases during the session.

In the case of peritoneal dialysis the patient can be notice that his abdomen may feel swollen during the first few weeks due to the fluid inside your abdominal cavity, as well as pinpricks or slight discomfort caused by the internal end of the peritoneal catheter. 

Preparation and special situations

In the case of haemodialysis:

  • Look after the vascular access according to the indications recommended by your dialysis unit.
  • Ensure correct skin hygiene.

In the case of peritoneal dialysis:

  • Pay attention to home hygiene measures.
  • Look after the catheter hole with particular care.

Effects of Dialysis

In most cases, patients do not notice anything after undergoing dialysis. Nevertheless, you may sometimes feel tired for a few hours after haemodialysis sessions, but this is only temporary. You may also have low blood pressure at the end of a session because the excess fluids have been eliminated and this can cause dizziness. 

These occur rarely in the case of peritoneal dialysis because the technique is carried out on a daily basis.

Substantiated information by:

Anna Yuguero
Bárbara Romano Andrioni
Manel Vera Rivera
Marta Quintela Martínez
María Teresa López Alonso
Montserrat Monereo Font
Ángeles Mayordomo Sanz

Published: 20 February 2018
Updated: 20 February 2018


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