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Fertility preservation is a series of medical procedures aimed at helping to achieve a pregnancy in the future.  

These techniques are performed in women or men with a disease (e.g. cancer or severe autoimmune disease) before starting treatment which may be dangerous for their ovaries or testicles, and may alter their reproductive capacity. These processes include conservative surgical techniques and assisted reproductive techniques, such as egg freezing.

The objective of these techniques is to protect the sperm, eggs, embryos or ovarian tissue from the advance of time or treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy (gonadotoxicity).

Fertility Preservation explained in first person

Professionals and patients explain fertility preservation
Give them a message of confidence. These are very simple techniques that do not add much complication for the patients.

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Aina Borrás
Dolors Manau Trullàs

Published: 7 November 2022
Updated: 7 November 2022


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