• Organization by disease

    The Hospital Clínic is made up of specialized institutes, diagnostic centres and crosscutting departments. Through the units, the interdisciplinary work teams are encouraged to include all the knowledge available and give patients the best care possible, with a global view of diseases.

  • Professional participation

    Those who know the service best are those most capable of understanding and focusing on the real needs.  This is why healthcare professionals are deeply involved in the actual management of the institution.

  • Responsible commitment

    Work is carried out in a collaborative manner with extremely high standards, constantly trying to improve and to ensure the maximum levels of excellence at all times. Commitment to people is required in order to achieve sustained recognition.

  • Innovation in healthcare

    Healthcare innovation processes are developed in order to find new methodologies, and constant changes are implemented so as to achieve increasingly efficient results to benefit people.

  • Tangible research

    Translational research, from bench to bedside, is the driving force behind improving healthcare, and what encourages us to address patients’ new needs, with a global perspective and local awareness.

  • Promoting talent

    One of our clear objectives is to train talented individuals, in order to boost our country’s healthcare and biomedical research. The University of Barcelona is a key ally in helping us achieve this.

  • Knowledge ecosystem

    The hospital forms part of other institutions and promotes networks of strategic partnerships to create and share knowledge and ensure the harmonious development of healthcare, research and teaching.

  • Patient empowerment

    The hospital works to provide people with the best knowledge tools in order to promote prevention, and actively involves them in improving the institution.

  • Trust, gratitude and generosity

    The strengthening of trust, promotion of gratitude and practising of generosity are the mainstays of our approach.