The IDIBAPS career in research

The existence of an attractive and efficient research career requires well-defined positions, clear professional perspectives, good funding, and tools to support professional development. As set out by the European recommendations, FRCB-IDIBAPS establishes 4 major categories of researcher:

  • R1 Pre-doctoral Researcher
  • R2 Recognized Researcher  
    • R2A Post-doctoral Researcher
    • R2B Junior Researcher
    • R2C Assistant Researcher
  • R3 Established Researcher 
    • R3A Accredited Researcher
    • R3B Junior Group Leader
  • R4 Group Leader

The institution approved its research career strategy in 2014 and updated it in 2019. The document includes an initial section that describes the different existing categories of researcher and a second section that sets out the options for promotion and follow-up of the different positions.

Joan Oró grant to hire research staff in training (FI 2024)