B•Debate interviews Dr. María Victoria Sánchez-Vives: “In a few years we’ll be able to apply virtual reality to medical practice”

Dr. Sánchez-Vives was scientific co-director of the debate workshops How Mind Emerges from Brain: a View into the Future organized by B·Debate International Center for Scientific Debate Barcel

Mavi Sánchez-VivesNeuroscience is a group of disciplines devoted to the systematic understanding of a series of functions contained in the brain, including sensations, motor skills, learning, memory and our perception of our own body and its relationship with the world. In recent years, neuroscience has undergone an important transformation thanks to scientific breakthroughs like the development of high-resolution medical imaging technology to study brain activity and structure, giving us the chance to interact remotely using a virtual body. The How Mind Emerges from Brain: a View into the Future, co-directed by Dr. María Victoria Sánchez-Vives, debate sessions allowed scientists to share the latest studies being carried out in the field of neuroscience from different disciplines and to forge contacts for future projects.

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